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You have deadlines to meet, quotas to fill, and products that need to get out there! But you’re at capacity with production and need a partner you can trust to get the job done right, on time and within budget.

Let us handle the details of product packaging and assembly for you. Our turnkey packaging, production, and assembly solutions will increase your business’s efficiency, saving you time and money. And if your product requires custom packaging or assembly, our team of experts will work with you to satisfy your needs. Our specialized labor and equipment coupled with meticulous Quality Assurance measures enable our clients to focus on their core business while we handle the rest.

Contract Packaging

Central Valley Assembly & Packaging provides an extensive range of packaging and repackaging services to a variety of industries. Our experienced team streamlines processes and creates efficiencies that translate into saving time and money for our customers. We are dedicated to providing premium quality packaging services to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations, even in the most demanding and time-sensitive situations.

Our location in Fresno, CA allows us to offer expert, cost-efficient, and practical solutions to help you initiate, organize, streamline or improve your packaging operations.


We understand the complexity of assembly solutions. We have different methods of assembly and can incorporate new techniques that will satisfy the goals of our customers.  So whether you are making gift sets for a holiday promotion, assembling display kits, or product launching, we are here to help.

For over 20 years, Central Valley Assembly & Packaging has delivered assembly support to some of the leading manufacturers in California. Numerous companies have benefitted from our flexible and skilled team, most notably those in the agricultural industry. Our partners know they can trust us to provide the highest quality contract assembly services.

We have the capacity to assist our customers with any assembly project, large or small. With the help of cutting-edge technology, advanced equipment, and highly reputable assembly practices, we help our clients in maximizing productivity, reducing costs and downtime.

Skin Packaging

Central Valley Assembly & Packaging utilizes several automated skin packaging machines to provide our customers with fast turnaround times and the best possible quality.

Our engineers and staff understand the complexity involved when customers decide to skin package their products.  We work closely with each customer and their products throughout the entire project, responding to their ever-evolving needs.

Shrink Wrapping

Eye-catching packaging is vital to product success—from acquiring new customers to increasing revenue. While attractive packaging is important, quality wrapping material that ensures safe transport is essential.


Our kitting services are designed to help you streamline your kitting projects and get your products out and into the marketplace. Our inventory control system and meticulous staff deliver high-quality assembly and kitting services. We have the capacity and capabilities to handle any of your product kitting requirements. Our expert team will work with you closely to create and build your unique kits to meet your company’s specific needs.

Bottle Filling Services

Our services focus on liquid chemicals and substances like industrial lubricants and cleaning solutions. We understand that one size does not fit all. By providing a complete custom filling service we can minimize costs by completing your project at one location.

Whether you have a need to fill a one-time small run or are looking for a long-term scalable solution, we can help. If you have a special bottle or cap that automated-only filling lines can’t handle or a unique label application, we have a filling line for that.

Auto-Bagging Services

Central Valley Assembly & Packaging provides automated bagging machines to automatically insert and seal products inside a flexible pouch or poly bag.  We provide zip lock, tamper-proof, peel-away, and heat-sealed bags in a variety of materials, in sizes up to 22ʺ length X 11ʺ width.

Our bagging equipment includes hand heat sealers, heat tunnel, vertical continuous band sealer, and different bag printing options. We also partner with many packaging material suppliers, to help get you the lowest prices on any of your packaging supplies.

Warehouse & Inventory

Packaging inventory can take up valuable space and impede the growth of your business. Our warehouse and inventory management acts as an extension of your company to save you money.

We can stock your product in our warehouse, pull orders, ship products direct to customers, keep an accurate inventory, and provide ongoing cycle counts on components/inventory.

Our warehouse space is scalable – we can house a single bin of products or provide additional space for special packaging projects such as contract packaging, kitting, or large rework orders. We can scale to our customer’s inventory requirements!

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