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Central Valley Assembly and Packaging utilizes several automated skin packaging machines at our Fresno, CA facility, to provide our customers with fast turnaround times and the best possible quality.

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What is Skin Packaging?

Skin packaging uses heat sealing to vacuum form film over the product as efficiently as possible. Heat sealing is the central procedure of skin packaging because it can work with a wide variety of materials using an automated process. Manufacturers use equipment to coat the backing material known as skin board—usually paperboard or corrugated cardboard—with specialized adhesive compounds. The film is heated and applied to the product and its backing.  When the heated film comes into contact with the backing substrate, it forms an airtight seal around the product. Then, the platform containing the heated film is lowered over the product, a vacuum draws the film down to the substrate and around the product, which results in a neat and attractive look. Skin packaging is a lower-cost packaging option used to display and protect products. Skin packaging provides lockdown product protection, product visibility, and tamper evidence.

Every skin packaging design consists of three vital components:

  • The skin board: This is the backing substrate and is often made from paperboard or corrugated cardboard. Determining the proper skin board for your product depends on a number of factors, including product size, weight, durability, and material costs. Skin boards can come in a variety of different grades and thicknesses, and they can be made from recycled material and other eco-friendly substrates.
  • The film: Co-packagers use a thermos-form plastic film. Skin packaging film is manufactured from a surlyn resin engineered to adhere only to the coating on the skin board.
  • The machine: Skin packaging machines ensure that the film and skin board are sealed together properly and that the film’s shape follows the product’s contours. After the board has been coated with a layer of heat seal dispersion substance, the film is tightly clamped in place by a frame underneath the heater. At the start of the machine’s operational cycle, the film is heated, and the clamping frame is drawn over the skin board. Then, a vacuuming operation ensures that the film makes contact with the optimal surface area of the board, and then the film and substrate almost instantly bond together.

Skin packaging is commonly used in retail environments. For example, skin packages that contain small parts or accessories are often placed upon racks in store aisles to allow customers to see the product without having to open the package. But skin packaging has many additional applications beyond retail. Skin packaging is suitable for all technical, medical and hygienic products made of metal or plastic as well as valuable tools, cutlery, hardware store goods or office items.

Why Use CVAP’s Skin Packaging Services?

Our engineers and staff understand the complexity involved when customers decide to skin package their products.  We work closely with each customer and their products throughout the entire project, responding to their ever involving needs.

Contact us today to discuss your current and future skin packaging needs. Our experienced staff will work with you to determine the perfect solution for your packaging requirements!

Some of the benefits of utilizing CVAP’s skin packaging services include:

  • Visually appealing presentation of your products

  • Can be used as an advertising and information carrier

  • High and versatile protection

  • Low cost

  • Fast availability

  • Maximum durability

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Great option for many different products


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“Here at Netafim, we have very high quality and service expectations. Central Valley Assembly and Packaging has been able to consistently meet and maintain those expectations for over 14 years. We’ve come to expect nothing but the best from CVAP.”

Kathy Westerman, Netafim USA

“Thank you CVAP for having been a trusted supplier for many years. We appreciate your quality work and on-time delivery – both critical elements for our industry. We’ve been extremely pleased with your communication and attention to detail. You’ve made it easy to continue working with you on every level.”

Michael Simon