The cannabis industry is ever-changing, not unexpected for a relatively new and emerging market. As such, the trends, regulations, and strategies that companies utilized just a year or two ago, may now be outdated and in some cases, even out of compliance. Cannabis companies must remain flexible while paying close attention to the landscape across the industry. Here are some of the latest cannabis trends relative to packaging and marketing and how CVAP can be your trusted partner. 

Standard Compliance

With the U.S. hurtling towards legalization across the entire country, cannabis producers have shifted their focus from local packaging regulations to a more comprehensive view. This includes choosing packaging features that are compliant in all the states, such as child-resistant features. Taking the broader and longer term view to their packaging operations will ensure that they will already be in compliance when they are ready to expand into new markets. By following the standards and processes already well established by pharmaceutical companies, the cannabis producers eliminate the additional compliance costs and legislation that would be necessary if they started from scratch.

Mainstream Graphics

The cannabis industry is quickly becoming part of the mainstream culture; to that end, marketers are quickly moving away from generic packaging and towards branding that is commonly seen on non-cannabis products. The once ubiquitous leaf symbol that identified cannabis is slowly giving way to more elegant, modern, and minimalist designs. The updates are a conscious effort to target the younger millennial consumers. Retro design elements like serif fonts, ampersands, clean flat graphic and under-saturated pastel color palettes have become popular among cannabis brands.


As mentioned above, younger consumers are a key demographic for cannabis producers. Consumer research has shown that sustainability greatly influences the purchasing decisions of millennials and Gen Z. As such, cannabis manufacturers must consider these factors with their products. The demand for recycled and/or recyclable materials will increase and the companies that are clearly committed to the environment will capture the attention and support of the younger generation.

Brand Differentiation

Every day it seems as though a new cannabis brand or product appears on the shelf. Saturation becomes a real possibility and many smaller companies run the risk of getting pushed out of the conversation entirely. How do brands stand out in the crowd? By literally thinking outside the box and employing strategies like custom packaging to clearly distinguish themselves from the competition. Upscale printing, like embossing or utilizing metallic inks are a cost effective way to keep brands unique and give them a custom feel.

CVAP is a perfect partner to implement all of these trends, we are a packaging and repackaging source for any cannabis and CBD products. Our familiarity with various industries gives us a competitive advantage. It provides us with expertise in a wide range of packaging solutions to remain relevant in the fluid and fast-paced cannabis landscape.

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