Companies have a multitude of challenges to deal with throughout their business. Here are some of the top pain points that companies face which lead them to turning to partnering with a packaging and assembly professional: 

Lack of production space

Packaging requires a substantial amount of operational space, which cuts into core production space. This affects the output and quality of a company’s products, which in turn affects profits. Conversely, not having enough packaging and shipping space can drive down efficiencies which results in an increase in costs along with a longer lead time for supply chain commitments. Obtaining more space requires additional capital that can also adversely affect companies’ profits.

Trusting a professional packaging and assembly company such as CVAP will alleviate all the space challenges described above. Our facility is equipped to handle a variety of packaging needs and we offer warehouse space for storage along with the ability to handle inbound and outbound shipments with ease.

Struggling with labor/burnout

As detailed in previous blogs, the struggle to hire qualified and dedicated employees in the post- COVID climate is very real. Many workers are leaving jobs for other opportunities that offer even just $1.00 more per hour. In addition, more industries are offering hybrid or remote positions that make on-site positions in industries like production less appealing.

Not only do many industries have to deal with finding quality employees, they also are dealing with burnout for the employees that they do have on payroll. Work/life balance has never been more important to the workforce than now. Companies have had to think outside of the box to keep employees engaged and satisfied.

By partnering with CVAP, companies eliminate having to deal with the labor challenges and can put more focus on other core aspects of their business.

 Time is of the essence

Production companies have to be able to meet the demand for fulfilling orders quickly or else face the prospect of losing that business to competitors. With ecommerce growing as the main source for consumers, the lead time is shrinking and companies need to be even more flexible, efficient, and cost-effective for their customers.

CVAP offers a professional packaging and assembly solution with experience in a variety of industries. We have an experienced team used to completing high volume projects, while also meeting the demands and deadlines of bringing products to market. 

Sharpening the pencil on costs

All of the pain points we have covered can have significant effects on the bottom line. Choosing CVAP as your packaging and assembly professional helps mitigate the considerable costs associated with space constraints, labor shortages, and short lead times. We are a cost-effective solution that becomes an extension of your company. Trusting us to handle all your packaging, assembly, and warehousing needs allows you to focus on your core competencies and the things you do best.