This month we highlight one of the services that CVAP offers. The explosion of eCommerce and Amazon in particular, make our kitting services appealing to manufacturers and retailers.

What is Kitting?

Kitting services combine two or more products into a single package. The items sell as a single product. A popular use of kitting are subscription boxes that ship to consumers on a monthly basis.  The products often have a theme and are curated based on the subscriber’s preferences. Clothing, food, and niche items specific to men or women are all examples of subscription box offerings.

CVAP’s Kitting Expertise

CVAP has extensive experience kitting in the current eCommerce landscape. One recent example is a food product a client produces for Amazon. Not surprisingly, Amazon has very strict packaging requirements to pass their quality control specifications. Weight and size of the shipped package affects the overall cost to the manufacturer. As such, efficiency and streamlining is a priority. 

The operation breaks down into the following process

The product is in liquid form and filled in bottles. A requirement for liquids is to place the bottles in a sealed bag. This is another main service that CVAP offers. The sealed bag is placed into a corrugated holder. Finally, the holder is placed into the shipping package. We seal and label with the client’s company logo.

All packaging arrives as raw materials via dropship to our warehouse. Our team assembles each component and packages everything for shipment. The finished goods ship back to the client for distribution. Or it ships directly from our warehouse to Amazon’s distribution centers.

What we have highlighted is a perfect example of how well CVAP’s services dovetail with one another. We are a multi-functional solution for all our clients’ industrial assembly and packaging needs. Production companies that need kitting services often also need additional services. CVAP offers auto-bagging and assembly services as described above. The synergy is undeniable.

Central Valley Assembly and Packaging can help with your kitting needs. Contact CVAP today and let us understand your operation. We can be the solution for your supply chain needs.