We are extremely excited to announce that Central Valley Assembly and Packaging has a revamped website with an updated look and refreshed interface! The new website keeps in line with Central Valley Assembly and Packaging continuing growth and evolution. Companies looking to maintain and grow their business can have immediate access to all the services that we offer, including:

Contract Packaging

Central Valley Assembly and Packaging provides an extensive range of packaging and repackaging services to a variety of industries. Our experienced team of packaging staff streamlines processes and creates efficiencies that translate into time and money savings for our customers.

Assembly Services

Central Valley Assembly and Packaging provides cost-efficient contract assembly services with an experienced staff dedicated to high quality and attention to detail. Our customers know they can rely on our quick turnaround and quality assembly services. With our quality-focused and cost-efficient assembly solutions, we provide both product and process improvement as a valued supplier to manufacturers in many industries.

Skin Packaging

Skin packaging uses heat sealing to vacuum form film over the product as efficiently as possible. Skin packaging is a lower-cost packaging option used to display and protect products. Skin packaging provides lockdown product protection, product visibility, and tamper evidence.

Central Valley Assembly and Packaging utilizes several automated skin packaging machines at our Fresno, CA facility, to provide our customers with fast turnaround times and the best possible quality.


Bagging is a very cost-effective packaging option for sealing a specified amount of product in poly bags for display, visibility, or protection. This process can be automatic, semi-automatic, or manual, with a wide range of applications to match the needs of our customers. Auto bagging helps to protect and prepare your parts for repackaging or shipping.

Shrink Wrapping

Quality wrapping material that ensures safe transport is essential. That’s why shrink wrapping is a popular packaging solution for many businesses. Shrink wrapping is the process of shrinking plastic film around a product through heat application. Businesses use shrink wrapping to protect their products, improve product appeal and to ensure easy transport. In addition, shrink wrap product packaging can save storage space, making it an ideal money-saving solution. Eco-friendly and recyclable, shrink wrap packaging is a popular choice for eco-conscious companies.


Central Valley Assembly and Packaging is a full-service kitting solutions provider and our kitting services are designed to help you streamline your kitting projects and get your products out and into the marketplace. Kitting is the process of combining two or more products into a single package, which is sold as and considered a single product unit regardless of how many individual items are included in the kit.

Bottle Filling Service

Our services focus on liquid chemicals and substances, specifically industrial lubricants and cleaners. By providing a complete custom filling service, we can minimize costs by completing your project at one location. Whether you have a need to fill a one-time small run or are looking for a long-term scalable solution, we are here to help. We have the ability to fill multi-size containers from small bottles (1/2 oz. – 32 oz.) to larger industrial containers (5-gallon pails and 55-gallon drums).

Warehousing and Inventory

Central Valley Assembly and Packaging has scalable warehouse storage and inventory management solutions. We can house a single bin of products or provide additional space for special packaging projects such as contract packaging projects, kitting products, or large rework orders.

Located in the Central Valley of California (Fresno), our warehouse allows clients the flexibility to reduce their fixed costs. As your need for more space increases or decreases, we can be flexible and scalable enough to accommodate these situations. We can scale to our customer’s inventory requirements!

Visit our revamped website to learn more about CVAP and the services we offer! You can contact us directly and discuss how we can partner with you and your company to solve your assembly and packaging needs.