The pandemic has affected society on multiple levels, none more profound than its effect on the workforce. Employers across many industries are struggling to find and hire employees. As a result, those industries have had to change the way they do business. This includes reduced hours of business, longer lead times, and even the elimination of certain services/departments altogether. Companies need to focus their resources to support their core competencies to maintain success.

This is where CVAP can provide great value to their clients. We provide a solution to the assembly and packaging needs of a wide range of industries and help mitigate the current labor shortage.

Longer Recruitment Process

Employers are experiencing lengthy searches to find quality applicants, with the process often dragging on for months. Recruitment is a struggle for multiple reasons: workers are quitting their jobs in record numbers, more workers retired than normal, and the disconnect between the jobs available and the skills, location, and pay expectations. In addition, once suitable candidates have been hired, there is an orientation and training process that must occur to get the employees up to speed with their job duties.

Our skilled and experienced team provides relief by being ready to contribute and support immediately, with no need for extensive probationary and training periods.

How Cvap Can Help Mitigate Current Labor Force Issues

Demand for Higher Wages

Another major reason for the struggle in finding suitable employees is the demand for higher wages. As of January 2022, California’s minimum wage is now more than double the Federal minimum wage and the highest in the nation. Factor in expanded wages including benefits and this becomes a significant expenditure for companies trying to maintain their profitability. Furthermore, raising wages not only affects new employees, but also current employees as well. The overall pay scale would increase accordingly, adding more labor costs for clients. Partnering with CVAP would alleviate this burden and allow clients to focus on other aspects of their business.

Unpredictable Labor Issues

Unfortunately, COVID-19 has made managing employees much more difficult and time-consuming. With positive cases increasing with the rise of variants, employers have had to deal with employees being out of work for extended periods of time. Usually, there is no chance to plan for these absences and as a result, businesses are short staffed at a moment’s notice and cannot react quickly enough to handle the strain. Their production is essentially brought to a halt.


How CVAP can help

Having CVAP as a partner provides our clients with labor, production, and supply chain support quickly and efficiently. This support is especially valuable during these uncertain times.

CVAP provides a comprehensive set of services, including

skin packaging, kitting, assembly, auto bagging, bottle filling for liquid substances, warehousing, inventory management


We are happy to discuss your challenges and determine the best solution for your production needs. We’re here to help you insulate your business from the many challenges of the current labor market.