Contract Packaging, also known as co-packing, is when a manufacturer ships their products to packaging professionals and have them assemble and package. Then, it is ready for the consumer or shipment for distribution. It’s a common business practice in many industries, for companies large and small. So, why do companies choose to partner with a co-packer and what are the benefits?


The labor climate in 2022 looks much different than it did 5 years ago. In fact, it looks vastly different than even 2 years ago! For example, finding dependable employees is much harder now than it was pre-pandemic. Companies have increased wages and offered more perks and benefits. Yet many industries still struggle to attract and retain good staff for their business.

Assembly and packaging operations often require many employees for their processes. By using a co-packer, the strain on Management and Human Resources to find enough staff lessens. Those departments can focus on building their teams and recruiting for key positions.


The assembly and packaging of products can be very time-consuming. It involves a good deal of quality control inspections, assurances and training. As a result, this process takes precious resources away manufacturers’ core business operations, i.e. research & development and manufacturing. A trusted co-packer can free up valuable time for businesses to focus their attention on other key elements of their operation.


Decreasing the labor and time spent in the assembly and packaging operations saves your business money. By partnering with CVAP, additional potential savings include:

  • Less equipment costs
  • No worry about additional infrastructure
  • No need for extra space for the assembly and packaging lines
  • A one-stop shop for filling, packaging, kitting, bundling, labeling, storage and distribution

In conclusion, the benefits of partnering with Central Valley Assembly & Packaging to be your co-packer are significant. We become an extension of your business and a true partner in its success. Our experience, professionalism, and expertise will free you up to have more time and resources. Above all, we can help you focus on growing your company and expand its future.